Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 19, 2012

Have A Look At Dishonored’s End Game In The New Dev Diary

Continuing on in the Dishonored developer diary video series Arkane Studios has just released a new piece of the puzzle, this time focusing on the events that take place now that the game has been thoroughly developed. The development team has put in tons of man hours and worked tirelessly to bring Dunwall and its citizens to life. The game’s release date is steadily approaching, and now it’s our time to see what goes on behind the scenes when the game has come this far.

During each section of the process the team can go back and add polish to the areas that need it. There’s time to add little bits and pieces to each element to make them pop. When the game reaches this point in the development phase it’s the pivotal moment to gain important feedback and make the final tweaks necessary to push a finished product out the door.

Arkane has taken a lot of time to make Dishonored a very unique and desired game. Many fans have already shown their support with fan art, tattoos, and even costuming. The game is huge, meaning there will be plenty of exploration to be had. The development team is terribly excited about releasing the game, and I’m willing to bet they’re almost as excited as I am to play it.

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