Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 21, 2012

League Of Legends Introducing Honor To The Field Of Battle!

So you’re out playing a match in LoL, and one of your teammates starts spouting out some BS about how the team sucks and how he’s not going to “win” the game for that team, and refuses to play. I think it goes without saying that that player is getting reported pretty damn quick, am I right? Well what about the good players? What about the ones that instead of calling his teammates “n00bs” he decides to help them out, give pointers, or even just be a good person? What can you do for somebody like that?

That’s the question that Riot is now answering. Coming soon to a patch in the near future will be the new Honor system, which is designed to help reward players for being a positive teammate. It’s a reporting system similar to the Tribunal, but instead of reporting players for actions detrimental to the team Honor is instead all about reporting players who helped brighten your day a bit, by doing something that made you feel good as a person.

It’s not sure how players reported by the Honor system will be rewarded at this time. If I had to guess, those players who show good sportsmanlike conduct will probably receive bonuses and/or titles of some sort. The only thing I have to worry about is the potential of abuse, but I have a feeling that Riot will be able to keep it under control!


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