Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 18, 2012

Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game Announced From WizKids

I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan and I can say for certain that there’s tons of memorabilia and games for this certain genre of fiction. We’ve gotten everything from Living Card Games to PEZ dispensers branded after Tolkien’s great work. I don’t think we’ll ever have too much Lord of the Rings stuff, and apparently WizKids feels the same way.

They’ve just announced their newest game, The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game. This new title offers a twist on the original Quarriors dice building game engine that was invented by Mike Elliot and Eric Lang. Players will need to work together to assemble an army of dice to represent brave Men, battle-hungry Dwarves, wise Elves, and sturdy Hobbits to put them against the forces of Sauron. There’s much to be cautious about, however, as some may be tempted by the power of The One Ring and become corrupted by evil!

Mike Elliot said, “Fans of Quarriors will readily recognize the dice building mechanic…but The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game explores a few key elements that make it an entirely new experience out of the box.” Right now we’re looking at a January 2013 release date which is too far away from me. I feel like Gollum reaching for this game as his “Precious” and it’s just out of reach. As more information releases on the game we’ll be here to update, but until then keep that Balrog at bay!


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