Posted by Jesse Wilkes on Sep 21, 2012

Medal Of Honor Warfighter Beta Announced

Medal of Honor Warfighter

EA’s Medal of Honor series is back with another modern day shooter, and the beta is set to launch early this October. If you’ve played any of EA’s Battlefield or Medal of Honor betas before, you know what to expect. Multiplayer is the showcase, and players will be able to mix it up a bit this time, as it’s set to feature HotSpot, a new mode operating somewhat like traditional King of the Hill. Players will fight to capture randomly generated areas of their feature map, Sarajevo Stadium. As well, a new squad mechanic is set to be unveiled, in the form of Fireteams; a two man co-op, fighting to capture objectives with a friend.

Some of the other perks of downloading the beta are an hour of double XP towards Warfighter when it’s released October 23rd, a unique Battlelog to track you and your friends stats, and access to the music video of Linkin Park’s “Castle of Glass” if the beta reaches 3 million downloads, which it expectedly will. However, with great reward comes great exclusivity. The beta is, as of now, an Xbox 360 exclusive, which will be a bummer for some. However, they won’t have to wait long for the full game to release later that month on all four major systems, including Wii U.

With as many shooters as were accustomed to expect in the fall months, 2012 is no different, with a bevy of great games set to release around the same time. AAA games like Medal of Honor are no stranger to competition, so expect them to come out of the gate swinging, bullets, glory, and all.


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