Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 28, 2012

NBA Live 13 Cancelled

I’m not going to lie, around the office here we don’t generally play many sports games. Part of the problem, we find, is that every year companies like EA Sports and 2k Sports release what is basically the exact same game every year with just a few minor tweaks. In all, why buy the 2013 version of a game when it’s not really different from the 2011 version?

That’s why it’s a bit shocking that EA Sports decided to cancel NBA Live 2013. Originally set to launch in October, the developers decided that the game was just not going to be ready in time for its launch date. Rather than releasing the game halfway through the season, EA Sports has instead decided to go ahead and wait until the next full season.

This isn’t the first time that an EA Sports NBA game has been cancelled like this. Back in 2010 NBA Elite 11 was just about ready to come out, but a week before launch that game was also cancelled. If EA Sports wants to keep a presence in the NBA market it better get something figured out soon. After all, unlike the NFL or NCAA the company does not have a monopoly on NBA games, and EA Sports can find itself becoming irrelevant in that market, and that’s assuming that it’s not already considered irrelevant by NBA gamers!


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