Posted by Marianne Miller on Sep 7, 2012

New Phoenix Wright 5 Screenshots Released By Capcom

Following the exciting news of a new Ace Attorney game for the 3DS starring Phoenix Wright, Capcom has released clear screenshots showing off the new, entirely 3D models of the characters within the game, a new design choice that will also feature in the Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney game coming out for the 3DS this November.

Screencaps show Phoenix looking rather dapper in his new suit one year after leaving piano-playing, beanie-wearing life behind in Apollo Justice, as well as his new partner, whose name has yet to be released. Winston Payne’s much less bald brother and the classic Judge from all previous games are also featured.  The screencaps indicate that despite the new, flexible 3D models, the game will still have the classic look and feel of the previous Phoenix Wright games, with many of the models imitating sprite poses.  As someone who wasn’t too excited by the complete departure from the original Ace Attorney in the Investigations spin-off, I’m quite happy to see they’re sticking to their roots.

One screencap also shows a previously mentioned game mechanic that may involve altering characters’ facial expressions while testifying or reading tells, possibly a different spin on the Ace Attorney 4 mechanic that required players to find the physical “tell” that the testifying characters were lying (which turned out to be unpleasant when one was armpit sweat).

The remainder of the screencaps can be found at the source link below.


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