Posted by Marianne Miller on Sep 7, 2012

New Plants VS Zombies Available on iOS

To those who haven’t opened up their app store on their iOS device today, Plants VS Zombies fans will be pleased to know that there is a new update available to them today.  The update features 4 new levels that limit their spending abilities for defenses, as well as a “Last Stand Endless Mode”.  The wildly popular game also received an update to its online PvZ store.

Much to the delight of anyone owning one of “The New iPads”, Plants VS Zombies is now also compatible with the retina display, allowing you to enjoy the already vibrant world even more clearly.

For those who haven’t picked up this bad boy in any one of its incarnations (what is wrong with you?)–iOS or otherwise–I highly suggest you do.  You can pick it up for $2.99 on the iPhone or for $6.99 on the iPad.  PvZ can also be found on Steam for $9.99!  Funeral services for your social life not included.


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