Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 25, 2012

Portal 2: Songs To Test By Collectors Edition Coming Soon


When it comes to making a video game it can be argued that the music of a game is the most important part. After all, while a game may look beautiful when it first comes out, due to improvements in technology in a few years those eye-popping graphics end up looking pretty ordinary, or even bad after a few short years. With the music, however, if the game is good and the music fits with it you’ll have those tunes engrained into your memory for all time. If you were to hear even a little snippet of Mass Effect’s Virgil, for example, you’d likely feel this sense of wonder and a want to explore the galaxy, despite the fact that you’re stuck right here on Earth.

Portal 2 is no exception. Valve has done an exceptional job in making a soundtrack for a game that doesn’t even have the main character speak, really does a great job of adding to the atmosphere of an already remarkable game. That’s why a long time ago when Valve released the full Portal 2 soundtrack for free from their website I went ahead and downloaded it for myself. But what if you want something more?

Well it looks like you’re in luck, as Valve is releasing the Collectors Edition of the soundtrack on October 30th. It’s a 4 CD collection that contains the original Portal 2: Songs to Test By soundtrack on the first 3 CDs with the fourth disc containing music from the original Portal that has thus far been unavailable. Unfortunately at this time there is no price set for the Collectors Edition, but honestly I can’t imagine it being too expensive.


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