Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 25, 2012

Radical Entertainment Isn’t Dead After All

A while back there was a lot of information that surfaced about the closing of Radical Entertainment, the developer behind the Prototype series. There were many sad days as fans of the series saw headlines commenting on Activision’s decision to axe the company. After a period of silence Radical has spoken out via Twitter, and things don’t seem to be going the way they were originally thought to be.

A tweet posted by the developer stated, “Justa quick note to our great fans and friends, the rumours of our closure have been greatly exaggerated – we’re still here! More later…” At first fans immediately thought that, even through the downsizing, Radical had managed to keep their head above the water. This actually isn’t the case, and the tweet is sort of misleading.

After receiving official word from Activision we’ve learned that nothing has changed since they released the official statement back in June, declaring the developers in the dark with closed doors. Radical Entertainment is still operational, though the staff has been cut back significantly. While the doors to Radical remain open, the developer has stopped the “development of its own games going forward.” This means they’ll still be on board with supporting other Activision endeavors, but as for pumping out anything of their own we won’t see that happening at least for the time being.


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