Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 28, 2012

Total War Games On Sale This Weekend, 75% Off!

Are you bored and looking to play some new (to you) games, but you don’t really have the funds? Well you’re in luck this weekend! Thanks to good ol’ Steam you can pick up the entirety of the Total War Collection this weekend $31.98.

The normal price for that Master Collection is $127.93, which means you’re getting the whole set at a 75% discount. It includes Medieval II, Shogun, Shogun 2 (along with its expansion Fall of the Samurai), Napoleon, and Empire. However, if you decide you only want 1 or 2 of those games you’ll only get a 25% discount, so honestly if you’re planning on buying more than 3 games you’d be better off buying the Master Collection.

There’s going to be a different daily deal as well. At this time you can get Rome: Total War for 90% off, which means you can get it for a measly dollar! And if you do decide to just get the Master Collection you’ll also get extra TF2 and Spiral Knights items inspired by the Total War series. All and all, that’s a pretty good deal for not a lot of money!


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