Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 10, 2012

World of Warcraft Challenge Modes Make Dungeon Runs Worthwhile Again

So the latest patch for World of Warcraft added a lot of new things and prepared the game for the Mists of Pandaria expansion when it releases on September 25th. Along with some sweet new talents, glyphs, and abilities some of your favorite dungeons have been overhauled.

Are you to the point where you’ve seen each dungeon inside and out? Can you recite each boss’ script word for word? Have you given up after running a dungeon over a hundred times for a single piece of loot? Well if you’re feeling down there’s a new reason to run these dungeons all over again that will certainly liven your britches.

With the new patch Blizzard added a new Challenge Mode for dungeons. A dedicated group that decides to take on a dungeon now chooses a challenge mode when entering. Once the run begins each person in that run will have standardized gear, which means they’ll each be evaluated along the same line. These challenges are timed runs, and completing them in a certain time frame will earn you a medal. There will be different medals for different times and the group will be rewarded with titles, mounts, pets, teleportation spells, and even access to transmografiable armor sets.

With the addition of Challenge Modes the older dungeons are worth running again. All you need is to get your guildies together and run them into the ground for the best times possible. You can get new achievements for completing challenges, and those teleportation spells come in handy for quick runs, so hop to it!


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