Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 8, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars Release Date Confirmed

The biggest iPhone gaming phenomenon yet, Angry Birds, is making its way into even further corners of space it seems. Angry Birds Space was just recently released to bird-hungry fans, and the team at LucasArts has decided that they want to get in on the frenzy. Angry Birds Star Wars is coming, and we’ve got an official launch date.

The new iOS game will be available on November 8th worldwide. It will contain the fun that fans expect from an Angry Birds game and add characters, stories, and settings from the complete Star Wars saga. You’ll be launching birds into stuff on locations like Tattooine and the Death Star itself.

I don’t know how crazy I am about all this Angry Birds stuff. It seems that the fan base is so large that the game went mainstream to the point of selling Angry Birds gummies. I personally feel the phenomenon is being taken too far, and it will only continue to go downhill from here. Either way, if it’s your gig, there’s plenty to be happy about.


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