Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 18, 2012

Bioshock Infinite Special Editions Revealed

Two Bioshock Infinite Collector’s Editions have been announced by Irrational Games. A blog post has detailed both the Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions and they look beefily beautiful. As a Bioshock fan I’m beaming with excitement over this news, so let’s get straight to the details.

The cheaper of the two, being the Premium Edition, will come with a ton of extras aside from the actual game. You’ll get a 3-inch keychain of the Murder of Crows vigor bottle, a 25 millimeter Handyman miniature, a 5×7 inch lithograph by Jorge Lacera, and an art book with tons of concept art. There will also be some digital swag up for grabs, such as in-game gear, a soundtrack, and exclusive avatar items.

If you’re a true Bioshock fan you can opt to pick up the Ultimate Songbird Edition. This mega bundle comes with everything mentioned above, but you get one big addition to it. With this edition you’ll pick up a 9-and-a-half-inch Songbird statue with its own period-style box, including custom artwork by Robb Waters.

The Premium Edition will release for $79.99 while the Ultimate Songbird Edition will be $149.99. That’s a $70 jump for the statue. That Songbird is pretty awesome, though, so it may be worth it to have. Bioshock Infinite is set to release on February 26th of next year, and I simply can’t wait to pick up this game.


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