Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 8, 2012

Cheating Allegations Fly As League Of Legends Playoffs Are Moved To “Secure” Location

It was not a good weekend for the League of Legends playoffs. After massive network problems started to plague the playoffs, Riot Games decided to call off the matches for the time being. The remaining games will be played sometime later in the week, and they will be streamed live.

It’s been speculated that the cause of the network disruption was a DDoS attack. Riot, however, has denied that it was such an attack, saying that they have “no reason to believe there was any outside interference or foul play at this time.” Instead, they blame “Internet issues both local and upstream”.

However, according to some posters on the LoL forums it’s possible that the playoffs were cancelled because of cheating on the part of some of the teams. You see, at the world playoffs the stage has above the teams a minimap showing where the team is, and though the players are instructed to keep facing forward throughout the entire match at one point you can see one of the WE players looking up towards the screen showing the other teams positions. I have a feeling once the matches have been moved to their new, “secure” location the minimap screens will be in a much different position…


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