Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 12, 2012

Check Out N7 HQ In Mass Effect 3 Now!

Despite the fact that Mass Effect 3 has been out since March BioWare has been hard at work adding more DLC and features to the game. One of the new features added is the N7 HQ, which allows you to view your multiplayer profile. Quite frankly, I feel like this is something that should have been in the game a long time ago!

In your profile you can see the information on every character in that account. This includes the character level, XP, and your skill tree allocations. If you want to make your profile private you can, but just so you know every profile is public by default, so you can check out what other people are doing with their characters.

There’s also a tab for Challenges, where you can see just exactly how close you are to completing your different challenges. If you complete the gold level of a challenge you’ll unlock Challange Award banners, where you’ll be able to put them up in your profile for other players to see. You can even see the leaderboard to see who the cream of the crop is!


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