Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 1, 2012

Dishonored Has Officially Gone Gold

Bethesda has made a perfect Monday announcement informing us that Dishonored, the new stealth assassin adventure game from Arkane Studios, has gone gold. The developers have been releasing steady content up to now that’s been in the form of developer diary videos chronicling the game’s life from an idea to a playable title. After three long years in development we’re merely a week away from having the game in our grasp.

Dishonored will be releasing on October 9th in the states and on October 11th in Australia and Spain. Europe will pick up the game a day later on October 12th. It’s time to don the mask and exact revenge on those who oppressed and framed you. It’s time to put your supernatural abilities to work.

Bethesda is definitely excited about the release and to celebrate they’ll be giving away “an extremely limited Overseer mask” to lucky recipients as well as a signed copy of the game. I’m looking forward to getting into Dunwall and experiencing this amazing game, and there’s only one more week to wait. This is great news to start off your week, wouldn’t you agree?


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