Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 9, 2012

DmC’s Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

The newest installment in the Devil May Cry series, aptly named DmC, will be releasing soon. There’s a lot of talk on opposite sides of the game, as Dante has undergone a huge makeover. Some fans don’t appreciate the change while others can wrap their heads around this re-imagining and actually like it. Personally I don’t mind the new look, because accompanying it will be a brand new world to explore.

Whether you like or hate the game’s new visage, its pre-order bonuses have been revealed. It’s going to be another one of those titles where pre-ordering it at certain retail stores gets you different items. Here’s the breakdown:

Pre-ordering the game at Amazon will get you the bone-themed shotgun, axe, and scythe weapons. You;ll also get access to the Orb Harvester which lets you collect tons of extra Red Orbs from enemies that are used to upgrade your weapons and combo attacks.

Grabbing the game from Best Buy you’ll grab the Golden Pack. This nice little pack changes all of your weapons to bright, sparkling gold. You also receive the Item Finder that helps you locate hidden items throughout the game.

Finally, if you pre-order the game through GameStop you will see all of your weapons take on a samurai theme. You’ll also get some points that can be used to upgrade combo attacks, weapons, and to buy items in the beginning of the game.

Given all the details, I think I’d grab the game from Amazon. The skins are nice, sure, but the ability to reap extra Red Orbs from enemies is perfect if you’re a grinder like me. I’m one of the fans excited to see the new game and I’m looking forward to slicing and dicing when the time comes.


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