Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 3, 2012

Fantasy Flight Studios Wants To Get Elder Sign On Steam

Recently Fantasy Flight Games, leading developer of amazing tabletop entertainment, released a game for the iOS, Mac OS X, and Google Play  called Elder Sign: Omens. It’s basically their Elder Sign board game that’s been ported into a video game format. I downloaded it straight away and I’ve been playing it since. The game’s great so far, and I’ll be reviewing it soon.

The developer has made another announcement, this one being a bit more bold than I’ve seen from them before. They want to bring Elder Sign: Omens to the PC masses. That’s why they’re trying to get the game released on Steam via Greenlight. It’s quite ambitious, but Fantasy Flight is well-known for that behavior.

For those who don’t know, Greenlight is a system in which players can vote for games they’d like to see in actuality on Steam’s digital platform. Games that receive the highest votes will get put into the database and become available for sale.

Elder Sign: Omens plays just like the board game, though it’s a bit faster because of it being a single-player game. You’ll choose four investigators and enter the museum in efforts to obtain the Elder Signs needed to lock the Ancient One’s power away for good and save the town.

I voted for the game, and I would really like to see it become a full-fledged PC title. I don’t know where Fantasy Flight is headed with this new direction, but if their future video game titles are as good as Omens, I’ll be on board. I’d love to see some multiplayer added to Omens, and if the game comes to fruition we have hope of seeing that. Now get out there and vote for it, less you become insane!



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