Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 12, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Might Be Releasing In November

We’ve not yet heard an official release date for Mass Effect 3’s latest DLC, Omega. Both BioWare and Electronic Arts have remained close-lipped about the subject, though now it looks like we could have some information on when we’ll be seeing the new downloadable pack. A report from New York Comic Con suggests that the Omega DLC will release on November 27th, which isn’t too far away.

The report comes from a video interview with Mike Gamble, a representative from BioWare. Since the video has been released it’s been set to private, meaning no one else can see its contents. It was shot right on the show floor at the convention by an Examiner reporter by the name of Beverly Lee. Mike was introduced in the video as “the producer of Mass Effect 3 Omega,” and from what was seen of the video there was some information that slipped out, including the suggested release date.

Of course there’s no way to go back and see the video now, which means we’ll have to wait for official word from either the developer or publisher. Since the announcement is news now, and has hit the net, I assume we’ll be hearing word soon. You know how these rumors can be, though. Terrible things they are.


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