Posted by Marianne Miller on Oct 31, 2012

Voice Acting And Fighting Games Combine To Form A New Webseries

A webseries has recently started by the name of Voices of Gaming (in case you couldn’t tell from above).  For those unfamiliar with this webseries, it takes the voice actors from your favorite fighting games and pits them against each other to the death.  Or at least until one of them runs out of HP.

So far, the group has covered Skullgirls and Street Fighter, with more on the way.  Their lists of playlists can be found here on JusticeTang’s YouTube channel (voice actor Kaiji Tang’s YouTube channel, known for voicing Kenshiro in the newest Fist of the North Star game), and the first episode of the Street Fighter matches (launching Voices of Gaming as an official series) can be found embedded below.

More updates will be posted as more episodes are released, so keep your eye out here on GamerFront for more information!

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