Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 1, 2012

Wii U’s Darksiders 2 Has An Interesting TV-less Feature…

For years when it came to console gamers and their not so enthusiastic families there’s always been an aspect of compromise. After all, not all families have more than one TV, and even if they do have multiple TV’s these days it’s not a guarantee that they’re all HD TV’s, which is practically necessary for modern consoles. So for years, games and their families have had to trade off, which can sometimes lead to some resentment, either on the part of the kid who wants to get to the next checkpoint, or on the wife who just wants to watch the new episode of her favorite show.

It looks like things will be different with the Nintendo Wii U. In a statement about Darksiders 2 released on Friday it turns out that you can play the game using just the Wii U GamePad’s screen. That means you can play your game while your roommate is watching his football game!

I think the bigger implication on all this is the fact that the GamePad can do this at all. While we’ve known that the GamePad can produce some good looking and smooth graphics thanks to the trailer for ZombiU, there really hasn’t been much else known about its capabilities. Now that we know that the Wii U and its controller is capable of playing a full game through just the GamePad, I wonder how many others will have that same capability. After all, not all games will work this way I would think, but at the same time if a game isn’t integrating the GamePad’s screen as a necessary component for a game, then why not have a mode that will let you play just on that screen?


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