Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Oct 24, 2012

Zynga Lays Off Over 100 Employees During Apple Event

Zynga is really scraping to see how far down rock bottom can be. Their Boston office had been shut down entirely as of yesterday, and it’s looking like the Austin office is going to be following suit.

Sadly, it’s sounding like the same is happening for the Chicago office as well. Some major layoffs were tweeted about yesterday for the Austin office though. This came from Justin Maxwell (@303):

Zynga just laid off 100+ employees (incl. my friends) in its Austin office during the Apple Event. Gave them 2 hours to vacate. RT please.

It’s looking like there’s going to be a 5% workforce reduction, which means sad days for a while lot of people. If you know of any gaming-related jobs for these folks, I’m sure they would appreciate it.


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