Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 21, 2012

Black Friday Deals For StarCraft II And Diablo III Starting Right Now!

Ah, Thanksgiving! It’s a day that most people manage to get off, where they can stuff themselves of food and football, while also simultaneously trying to figure out what Black Friday deals they should try and snag. And that’s the problem with Black Friday, isn’t it? Why would anybody want to go and brave the hordes of people out there just to get something at a heavily discounted price?

Well, if you are looking to get your friends and family a good game or two for their shiny new PC they might be getting from Mom and Dad, you’re in luck! Blizzard is going ahead and having a Black Friday sale of their own for StarCraft II and Diablo III, and what’s more, it’s going on right this very moment and lasting until next Tuesday, November 27th. Both games are normally $59.99, but Diablo III is on sale for $39.99, and StarCraft II is on sale for $19.99!

Granted, the Diablo III isn’t a huge deal, but hey, 20 bucks off is still 20 bucks you get to keep! And StarCraft II at $19.99? That’s a steal, in all honesty! There is one little catch, however: it appears that only the physical copies of the game are on sale, so you’ll have to wait a few days for your copy to come in.


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