Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 13, 2012

Black Ops II PC Discs Shipped With Mass Effect 2 Content

According to some awkward reports, PC gamers are having some trouble installing their copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The issue seems to be that the second disc that was shipped with the game actually contains Mass Effect 2 content instead of the Black Ops II content it should have. Players can’t install their game fully with this issue.

The second disc that comes with the game still has the Black Ops II cover mount, which leads us to believe the issue is with the disc manufacturer. There are already a handful of videos as well as forum posts about the error, and it seems to be only hitting the PC player community.

The issue is a bit humorous, considering that EA and Activision are two of the biggest game publishing rivals in the business. Neither company has come forward to comment, but they’ve been reached out to. It looks like PC players will need to sit tight for now until Activision can get this issue resolved, and as soon as a fix rolls in we’ll update. For now you can check out the video below, but we’ll warn you there’s some NSFW language.


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