Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 2, 2012

Details Emerge For Star Wars: The Card Game

A little while back Fantasy Flight announced that they’re working on a Star Wars Living Card Game that pits the Light side against the Dark. Work on the game is coming swiftly, and the company has just released some details via their official site.

Star Wars: The Card game allows players to participate between dramatic tactical battles between opposing sides of the force. You’ll be able to control iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and even Han Solo. You’ll be able to fly starfighters, learn the ways of the Force, and take out waves of rebel forces with walking AT-ATs. The game has everything you’d look for in a great Star Wars title.

Today has begun the series of previews that we’ll see for the game, and this one’s started off with Objective cards, and a personal take on deck building.

Objective cards represent missions, strategies, narratives, and ideologies that a player is actively pursuing or protecting. They offer resources and players must devise plans to both protect their objectives and destroy their opponent’s.  Furthermore, each Objective card is tied to five other cards which can be characters, vehicles, enhancements, events or more. Together, the Objecive card and its associated cards are known as the Objective Set. Unlike other games, in Star Wars: The Card Game players will build their decks by choosing ten or more Objective Sets and divide them into Objective and Command decks.

Over on the Fantasy Flight post, LCG designer Nate French gives a in-depth explanation of the deck building process for the Star Wars game. Make sure you check it out, and get ready for more previews in the time to come. Star Wars: The Card Game is coming soon!


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