Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 23, 2012

DICE Isn’t “Battlefield Factory” According To EA

DICE, the developers of the Frostbite engine, has a bit of a public perception problem. After all, over the last year there’s been only one game that everybody knows they’ve been developing for: Battlefield. From the DLC packs of Battlefield 3 to getting the Battlefield 4 beta off the ground, it seems like the company is focusing solely on this virtual mint.

According to EA Games Vice President Patrick Soderlund, however, it’s not all about Battlefield. “The minute we start saying ‘you’re going to make a Battlefield game for the rest of your life’, they’re going to go some place else. So for them to make great Battlefield games there need to be other things for them to do as well. That’s why we have people who move around quite a bit. And then obviously we have a boatload of people that just want to make Battlefield because they love it.”

It makes sense to move people around a bit to developing different games, because lets face it, it would get even more monotonous if you were stuck developing for the same game for years. One of the games that seems to be in development by DICE is Mirror’s Edge 2. According to Ben Cousins, a former studio manager for DICE, “It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE”.


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