Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 7, 2012

Fantasy Flight Announces Cyber Exodus Data Pack

Cyber Exodus will be the third Data Pack in the coming expansion series for the Android: Netrunner Living Card game as announced by Fantasy Flight today. This pack will add 60 cards to the game, which will be three copies each of twenty new cards. Cyber Exodus follows both Trace Amount and What Lies Ahead, which are both still yet to be released.

Cyber Exodus will offer upgraded ice, new hardware for the Runners, new research, and plenty of ambushes. The personalities of each of the game’s seven factions remain in-tact throughout the Genesis Cycle – the series in which these Data Packs belong. The main difference with this Data Pack, however, is that we see each faction’s limits on their possibilities become derezzed, allowing for much more opportunities than before.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect with Cyber Exodus:

  • Anarchs gain some spotlight, and both their viruses and resources open doors to brand new ratios of risks and rewards
  • Criminals act more intelligently, stealthily, and they gain new defenses to protect them
  • Shapers push their tinkering abilities to the brink with  personal workshops as well as new test runs
  • Haas-Bioroid gains new ways to gain access to their Archives as well as Tracer technology
  • Jinteki’s design team restructures the nature of time and space as it’s experienced on the network
  • NBN works at strengthening its reputation as the megacorp best situated to turn its powerful information into credits and more
  • Weyland Consortium places research into new ice pay dividends, and it pays off

One special thing about Cyber Exodus is that the Shapers gain a new Identity card. This new Identity allows Shapers to alter one of the fundamental rules of the game – the size of their deck. Where the original Identity for the Shapers, Kate McCaffrey, explored the economic advantage of tinkering with programs and hardware, Chaos Theory focuses on efficiency from a brand new perspective. She allows you to build decks under 45 cards, allowing you to grab vital pieces of hardware and programs much quicker. There’s a risk, however, as this means you will run out of cards in your deck quicker than before.

Chaos Theory also sacrifices Link strength for the addition of a Memory Unit, allowing for more programs to be installed right off the bat. With Chaos Theory as your new Identity card, it provides a Shaper player with one thing that all Runners see as important – raw speed. A more powerful mulligan, a chance to draw your key cards in your first hand, and the opportunity to draw right into your deck for the cards you need most – these are all things gained by Chaos Theory.

Cyber Exodus is set to release in the first quarter of 2013. I really like the way Fantasy Flight is running the new Android: Netrunner. The way they’re adding a bit of story with these Data Packs is simply amazing, and I can’t wait to get my hands on each and every one of them as soon as they release.


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