Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 20, 2012

Far Cry 3 Will Not Contain Dedicated Server Support

The use of dedicated servers has been a bit of a godsend to online gaming. After all, by having everybody connect to a central machine, you can be assured that that machine’s connection to the internet will be stable and that that machine can indeed handle running the game for everybody else. That’s why its been a bit disheartening to see companies do away with dedicated server support, like Activision did with the Call of Duty series a few years ago.

Unfortunately there’s another game to add to that list. Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, due to come out December 4th on the PC, Xbox 360, and the PS3, is the latest game to not feature dedicated servers for the multiplayer. This fact was discovered by a member of the development team for Far Cry 3 in the Ubisoft forums.

So, what reason would a company have for not having dedicated servers? In the end, it really comes down to control: if people are making their own dedicated servers, then Ubisoft can’t exactly control how a game is played, as a person can add on tons of different mods to the game through the dedicated server. With that being said, there will be people out there making hacks for the game that will support dedicated servers, and I bet it won’t take too long for them to accomplish their goal.


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