Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 2, 2012

Get Crysis When You Pre-Order Crysis 3

When Crysis was first released back in 2008 it quickly gained a reputation as being THE benchmark game of the year. For a while the only way to play Crysis on the highest settings was to spend a boatload of money on a top of the line system, and even then you’d be lucky to hit 30 FPS. In fact, to this day somebody can be describing the latest supercomputer, and the question that always comes up is “yea, but can it run Crysis?”.

Now is your chance to find out if your computer can indeed run Crysis. EA has announced that if you pre-order Crysis 3 either through Origin or through select retailers you’ll get the original Crysis for free. The free copy of Crysis will be a digital copy for the platform you pre-ordered Crysis 3 on, and the code for Crysis will be given to you at the same time you get Crysis 3.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you get this pre-order deal you’ll need an Origin account. Now, while it’s cool that they’re giving away Crysis for free, I have to wonder “why?” After all, if you’re buying Crysis 3, chances are you’ve already played through the first two Crysis’s, and in fact you probably own them already. But, if I’m reading this correctly, you’re getting a code, so maybe the plan is to have Crysis fans get their friends hooked on the series, since they’ll probably be like “Well, I already own Crysis, but my buddy here doesn’t!”


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