Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 30, 2012

Halo 4’s Crimson Map Pack Confirmed

Earlier this week a leaked image showed the release dates for some future downloadable content for Halo 4. At the time the information was speculation, as the company hadn’t confirmed the leak, though now we’ve got news that at least one piece of the information was correct. Microsoft has confirmed that the Crimson Map Pack for Halo 4 will be releasing on December 10th.

The map pack will introduce three new maps: Harvest, Shatter, and Wreckage, as well as a brand new multiplayer mode called Extraction. This mode is a 5 vs 5 objective-based game in which opposing Spartan teams must extract assets from different sites around the map. Once a team has moved to a site and lays in position they have to plant their beacon and protect it from the opposing team while the extraction process takes place. If the defending team controls the beacon without losing it they gain one point. Once either the process completes or the opposing team steals the beacon a new location opens up for the taking. The first team to five points wins the game.

You can pick up the Crimson Map Pack for 800 Microsoft Points, though it will be available through the game’s season pass. This is the first of three planned DLC releases, which makes the previous leaked information make even more sense. Either way there will be plenty to do between the new Extraction mode and Spartan Ops, so get on it!


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