Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 27, 2012

Leaderboard Resets Being Reported For Black Ops 2

In this ever-increasingly connected world of ours, people put more and more emphasis on where they are in relation to everybody else. It’s not a new concept, after all, Blizzard had Ladder rankings in StarCraft all the way back in the late 90’s, but at this point in time it’s no longer just about who’s in the top 1000, but rather it has evolved to not only show stats like your Kill/Death ratio and time spent playing, but also to keep track of what you have unlocked. So, when leaderboard data is erased, people generally aren’t too pleased.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happened to a few people in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 yesterday. According to Treyarch’s official Twitter account, the issue happened sometime after yesterday’s backend update. They are currently looking at what exactly happened, and hopefully will have a fix soon.

At this point it only seems to be an relatively isolated incident, as there have only been a few gamers who seem to have had their stats erased. With that being said, any time somebody loses their stats like that is generally unacceptable. After all, if there’s a bug that’s deleting a few people’s stats, what happens when that bug deletes everybody’s stats?


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