Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 1, 2012

Origin Up To 30 Million Registered Users

Origin, EA’s digital distribution service, seems to be making somewhat of a name for itself.  According to EA’s Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore, the service now has 30 million registered users. That is up from 21 million users back in July.

And that’s not all! Out of those 30 million users, 4.4 million have purchased some sort of content directly from Origin, whether it be a game or DLC. That’s not a bad number, but I’m willing to bet that EA would like to see it jump up a bit more.

What’s really interesting to me, however, is the fact that 13 million users have accessed Origin through some sort of mobile device. That shows that something is working, as EA is getting some people to buy into using Origin on a somewhat regular basis. However, for most of us (myself included), I’m willing to bet that the only time we ever use Origin is to play a game like Mass Effect 3 or something, making the 30 million user count a little inflated in a way.


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