Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 23, 2012

PC And Mac Versions Of Portal 2 Updated

Many people consider the PC to be the end-all-be-all when it comes to gaming, myself included. After all, the platform is the most versatile and robust available, so if something breaks you’re not forced to buy a whole new system, but rather you can just switch out the part and have it as good as new. However, there is one problem with a PC: it’s not the kind of system you can easily do split-screen multiplayer with.

It looks like Valve is to the rescue on that front, once again. In their latest patch they have added Big Picture support to the game, and what’s more, they’ve added 2 controller splitscreen support for standard co-op. Big Picture, if you may recall, is a new mode for Steam that’s designed to be used for large televisions and controllers, essentially making your PC into something like a console, but will all the PC benefits.

The patch also fixes a couple of other issues with controllers in the game. Pressing the “quick ping” button on the controller will no long cause your movement to stop. Also, an issue was  fixed where people have been unable to exit Robot Enrichment or Create Test Chambers menus with the controller.


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