Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 16, 2012

PlayStation All-Stars: Adding 2 New Characters As Free DLC

Capcom got quite a bit of flak earlier this year when it was revealed that there were a few DLC characters already on the disc of Street Fighter x Tekken. Despite the fact that the code was already there for the characters on the disc, gamers were told that they had to pay to unlock them. Luckily for us, it appears that Sony is not going down this route with PlayStation All-Stars, as they announced that the first couple of DLC characters will be made available for free.

Though there is no official release date for the characters, Sony’s blog did say that Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk will show up as DLC for the game sometime early next year. Kat’s fighting style makes use of her abilities to bend gravity to her will, meaning you can expect to see her in the air, attacking you from all sides quite a bit. Emmett’s style will apparently make use his weapons and a “Build and Battle” system that will “(call) down help from the sky.”

There is a bit of a catch with this DLC. When it is made available, you only have a two week window to grab it for free. Afterwards, it looks like Sony will begin charging a small fee for the characters, but if you grab it in that two week window then they’re yours to keep forever.


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