Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 27, 2012

Prepare Your Body – PC Kinect Support Coming To Garry’s Mod

If you’re a PC player and purchase games through Steam then Garry’s Mod is either in your library or on your “To Get” list. It’s a simple program that allows the user to create various scenes or movies using the characters and locations from the various worlds created in Valve games. Players have created numerous crazy videos using the Team Fortress characters, skits with Half-Life 2’s many faces, and nutty mash-ups with Left 4 Dead characters.

The mod is already crazy enough, but what if you tossed in PC Kinect support to it? I know what you’d get – hilarity. According to PCGamesN this very support will be coming this week, and when it hits players will be able to control their in-game characters and models using their own bodies. The possibilities are imminently endless.

You can make them throw things, dance, wreck their virtual homes, or if you’re feeling really crazy you can make them act in such a believable way that they will blow your mind, all without needing to animate. Garry Nerman, the creator of the mod, has put video trials of his attempts at getting the Kinect to work properly with the support, and they will offer some insight into what players can do when the support arrives. Get ready to assume direct control.


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