Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Nov 9, 2012

Review – Samsung 840 And 840 Pro

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Here you can see that the 840 does outpace its predecessor in almost every test. The only one where it lacks is the sequential writes, which was expected. It also lags just slightly behind Kingston’s flagship HyperX 3K drive.

This first test already highlights the advantages that the 840 Pro has. In fact, in not a single test does the 3K outpace it. And look at those sequential write speeds. It’s more than twice as fast as the regular 840, and significantly faster than the 3K.




Once again, we see the 840 falling behind the 830 and HyperX 3K in sequential write speeds. But otherwise, it is able to hold up against the 3K.

As for the 840 Pro, it still runs circles around the other drives in terms of write speeds. Curiously, the 840 is able nose ahead in sequential read speeds.


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