Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 30, 2012

Trophy Listing Suggests New DLC For RAGE

A while back id Software worked on a new poast-apocalyptic shooter called RAGE, and while it was hit and miss with the community I enjoyed it. I still play the game on occasion now, even a year after its release. With some news that came by way of PS3Trophies.org, it looks like the game will have some new life breathed into it with the release of new DLC.

The website reports that new Trophies are being added to the game that are based around a job path called “The Scorchers.” There’s also a new Trophy listed for beating the game’s campaign on “Ultra Nightmare” difficulty that suggests the game will be getting a new difficulty mode to play on as well.

To help solidify the listing, the Trophies are all backed by a PEGI rating that surfaced earlier this year for “RAGE: The Scorchers.” We’re also supposed to be receiving mod tools for the game, which John Carmack claimed were coming “soon.” That’s still up for discussion, but it looks like the DLC for The Scorchers is becoming more of a reality. If it arrives we’ll see it on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 regardless of the Trophy listing.


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