Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 9, 2012

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Doubles USB Data Storage Limit

During the last Xbox Live Dahsboard update for the Fall 2012 the USB data storage limit was silently doubled from 16GB to 32GB. This means that players can now save double the amount of data originally allowed for in removable memory. With downloadable content and full games needing a lot of room, this is certainly good news.

A Microsoft spokesperson commented on the update saying, “The more our customers use their profile and download digital content, the larger the file size necessary to store that content and move it between consoles gets. Therefore we increased the size of the memory to enable our customers to take more of their Xbox profile with them on the go.” That’s certainly a nice sentiment.

The main idea of “being able to take your Xbox profile on the go” is centered on storing items on a flash drive to move between yours and a friend’s console. For instance, if there’s a game both you and a friend share, you can copy your saves to the flash drive, go to their house, load up on their system, and continue from where you left off. It’s sort of the same idea shared by the new cloud saving feature. This also applies to downloaded games and DLC, however, as well. Being able to transfer data lets you share a lot with friends, as well as save up storage on your console’s main hard drive.


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