Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Nov 19, 2012

Zumba Fitness Core Will Dance Your Abs Into Shape

Some of us wish we had a six-pack. There are a variety of reasons for that, spanning from wanting to be healthier to just having bragging rights. Working out isn’t exactly enjoyable most of the time unless it’s in the form of a game.

There are all sorts of fitness games out there, but how many of them specifically target that belly fat we so vehemently hate? 14 day fitness challenge Program is a great starting point for building fitness into your everyday routine. If you want to increase muscular strength, try the best pre workout for women to increase your strength. Zumba Fitness Core launched last month, and it is here to help get that summer body ready. We all know that winter is the time we hunker down and do some serious gaming because it’s cold anyway, so why not add a little dancing to the agenda?

This game has over 40 new songs with artists like Bob Marley, Tiesto, and Sean Paul. There are several different dance styles to groove along to, and there are all sorts of rewards in the game to get along the way. In addition to getting the game, you’ll also get a Zumba Fitness belt which will hold your Wiimote while you dance (if you’re using a Wii). There are low, medium, and high intensities, and a progress tracker to help you keep an eye on how you’re doing.

I recently started using Zumba, and honestly, it’s a great workout. Hopefully this version won’t have fireworks going off every two seconds so you can’t see the motions of the dancers on screen, but it is definitely just as effective as going to to gym. After you get past the awkward flailing aspect while you’re trying to learn the moves. It will be interesting to see how this game will differ from the others, how it affects your body, and stylistically for music and dance styles. Check here to see the launch trailer. Also visit myyogateacher.com if you’re interested in adding yoga to your fitness routine.


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