Posted by Marianne Miller on Dec 3, 2012

Charity Livestream Featuring Your Favorite Video Game Voice Actors!

Annually, YuGiOh Abridged creator LittleKuriboh will hold an online charity event known as ‘Card Games for Charity’–he’s been doing it for 3 years now, and going strong.  Previously, the events have taken place in the form of eBay auctions, wherein all proceeds are donated directly to the charity of his choice.  He has raised more than $25,000 across 5 charity events for Japanese Tsunami relief, relief for the BP gulf coast spill, Battersea Dog and Cats Home, as well as the voice actor for Yami and Yugi himself, Dan Green, after tragically losing his wife in childbirth.

Now Martin “LittleKuriboh” Billany is back with another charity event in the form of a 13 hour livestream on December the 8th, this time raising money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  The stream will span from 9am to 10pm, and will allow people to participate by bidding on eBay auctions throughout this week, or alternatively by bidding in live auctions throughout the stream itself, hosted by TwitchTV.  A number of items have been generously donated by Tasty Peach Studios, Level Up Studios, Sanshee, and Shark Robot.  Many items have also been donated by fans and Martin himself.

The stream will feature numerous voice acting guests from titles such as Persona 4, Hellsing, Skullgirls, League of Legends, Thundercats, Resident Evil, and much more, so be sure to check it out.  You can watch the video below, or get all the detailed information from LittleKuriboh’s website.

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