Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 28, 2012

Dead Space 3 Will Feature Hidden Voice Commands

Earlier this year, we brought you news that EA was looking to implement Kinect support in a rather new fashion in the latest FIFA title. Motion controls and voice commands are nothing new. However, what they were trying to do was use your outbursts of rage against you, by picking up foul language shouted at the refs. Well it looks like someone else is wanting to use that same idea.

There aren’t any refs to make bad calls in Dead Space 3, but you can probably imagine a scenario where you’re yelling at the TV, regardless. The game’s Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis has stated that there are hidden voice commands for certain scenarios. Namely, if you start cursing as a result of being scared, it might actually have some sort of function in the game.

Papoutsis isn’t going to reveal just what the commands are, or even what they will do. I think not knowing will add to the fun of figuring out what they are, or accidentally discovering them. This is definitely a Kinect feature that I can get behind.


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