Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 31, 2012

First Black Ops II DLC To Be Revolution? [Rumor]

Well folks, if you were wondering about what the first bit of Black Ops II DLC was going to be it looks like you now have your answer! According to some leaked promotional materials (from a GameStop if I had to guess) it appears that the first bit of DLC will be titled “Revolution”. At this point there has been nothing officially announced by Treyarch as of yet.

From the materials, it looks like there will be 5 different maps. They are Hydro, Downhill, Grind, Mirage, and Die Rise (which appears to be a zombie map). Also included in the DLC is a bonus Peacekeeper SMG.

According to the poster the release date for Revolution will be January 29th. Unfortunately for you PS3 and PC fans it appears that the Xbox 360 is getting the first crack at the DLC, though I would imagine that they’d only have to wait a week or two before the DLC is released for those systems. The price is unknown as of this time, however it should be free to those of you who bought the Season Pass.


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