Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 7, 2012

GeForce Experience Optimizes Your Graphics Settings Automatically

Whenever you upgrade your PC with a shiny new video card, or even put together a whole new system, one of the first things you’re going to want to do is fire up your favorite game and crank the video settings all the way up. Unfortunately you’re sometimes disappointed to find out that while it’s performing better than before, your upgrade might not be enough to run that game on Ultra. So then you’ll spend a bit of time tweaking settings here and there, trying to find the right mix so you can have the highest quality visuals, while still maintaining smooth framerates. But what if you didn’t need to do all of that?

Nvidia has opened up a beta program called GeForce Experience that’s supposed to help you get the most out of your hardware. The company has apparently been testing a huge amount of PC hardware so that they can find the optimal settings for you, regardless of what’s in your machine. The new GeForce Experience program will analyze your PC specs, then match it with a similar configuration that they have tested, and automatically adjust the video settings for whatever game you’re about to play. Bear in mind that these aren’t supposed to be theoretical settings that they’ve calculated, but ones that they have physically tested with hardware similar to your own.

The program currently supports 32 different games, and is limited to those people using Kepler and Fermi GPU’s. You’ll want to sign up soon if you want in on the initial closed beta, as they are only accepting 10,000 testers. There will be an open beta sometime in the future.



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