Posted by Marianne Miller on Dec 13, 2012

More Info Released On Zombies, Run! Sequel

After releasing a teaser trailer yesterday, the creators of Zombies, Run! released more information about the sequel of Zombies, Run! — the smash hit fitness app for the iPhone that combined the zombie apocalypse with cardiovascular activity.  In the announcement on the official Zombies, Run! development blog, Six to Start went into greater detail about the new features of the game, referring to it as “Season 2” rather than a proper sequel.

  • The story’s even more tense, the risks even greater, and the rewards higher – if things go right you, Runner 5, might just save the world. But you’ll have to run a long way to get there: Season Two is more than twice as long as Season One, with over 60 missions in total. Not only that, some missions will change dynamically based on when you run, the state of your base, and some other super-secret variables.
  • We’re introducing additional gameplay to our base-builder, to make it more fun and much more sophisticated. You’ll be able to tailor Abel Township to your own design – but if you want to be zombie-ready you’ll have to keep everyone happy and well-defended!
  • We’re introducing location-based missions – one of our most-requested features ever – in a new airdrop mode.
  • We’ve redesigned the user interface so Zombies, Run! 2 will be much faster, easier, and more to use and navigate – not just on iOS but also Android!

The announcement went on to say that “Season 2” would be an update to the current app installed on users’ iPhones and Androids, meaning that the entirety of what’s mentioned above would be already included in the up-front cost of $7.99 for the app, making Zombies, Run! well worth the “hefty” price tag.

The post also mentioned that they would be rethinking the way they will be delivering further content to users “which will include a mixture of free and paid missions”.  While microtransactions within a game is enough to set any gamer’s teeth on edge, given the sheer amount of content available (each mission is a half hour each at minimum, meaning that anyone who buys the updated game will get well over 45 hours of entertainment from the proper missions alone), I’m sure they can be forgiven in the case of Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! Season 2 will be available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Spring 2013.

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