Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 26, 2012

No DLC For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Looking forward to the next installment of Final Fantasy XIII? Lightning Returns will hit next year, and provide a continuation of the story, set 100 years after XIII-2. We’ve learned that Square Enix isn’t just going to be recycling most of the enemies and such from the last games. Rather, roughly half of the baddies you encounter will be brand new.

The other interesting bit of news is one that might make you happy or sad, depending on how you view DLC. The company has announced that there will be no DLC for Lightning Returns. On one hand, it’s great to hear that you’ll buy the game and get the complete story. No spending extra cash just to find out what happens to a certain character or something.

The other side of the coin is for people who don’t want the game to stop. Some people would rather see DLC, as it just adds more content to the game. Personally, I’m in the first group, as it makes me feel like I’m buying a complete product.


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