Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Dec 14, 2012

RAGE DLC ‘The Scorchers’ Drops Next week

When Rage first came out, it was met with some criticism  mostly on the PC, as there were a lot of video issues. However, I rather enjoyed my copy on the 360. If you also enjoyed the game, and have been itching for a reason to play it again, you’ll be happy to know that there is new content on the way.

Next week you’ll be able to purchase a new DLC pack dubbed, The Scorchers on all three platforms for $5 (400 Microsoft Points). You’ll be defending the Hager Settlement from a new band of enemies know as (you guessed it) The Scorchers. You’ll have new enemies, new mini-games, a new season of Mutant Bash TV, and the all-new Nailgun.

What’s interesting is that the DLC also unlocks two new modes for the original game. First is ‘Ultra-Nightmare’, which is an extremely high difficulty level. Next, you’ll have the ‘Extended Play’ option unlocked, which essentially lets you keep playing the game after the original ending. Look for the new DLC on December 18th.


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