Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 19, 2012

Three Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Modes Now On Xbox 360

If you happen to love Resident Evil 6 and you also love competitive multiplayer, then you just might be interested in the latest multiplayer modes released for the game. There are three new modes, called Predator, Survivors, and Onslaught, but unfortunately they’re only for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Sorry PS3 and PC owners!

The modes themselves are all pretty different, with their own sets of challenges. In Predator, up to 6 players take turns as the Ustanak, where the goal is for the human players to try to avoid capture while the Ustanak tries to catch or take down all the humans. Everybody gets a chance as the Ustanak, and whoever has the most points at the end is the winner. Survivors is Resident Evil 6’s “take on the classic solo and team based deathmatch mode.” Here human characters have to fight off the enemy, but if you go down you’re respawn as an enemy. From there you need to take down another human character in order to respawn as your original human character. Up to 6 players can play in this mode.

In Onslaught you and another person need to clean out waves of enemies, and combos are key here. That’s because for every combo chain you complete you’ll send enemies over to your opponent’s screen. All three modes are available right now, with each of them costing 320 Microsoft Points individually, or you can buy them all as a bundle pack for 720 MP.


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