Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 28, 2012

Xbox 360 Retail Edition Of Walking Dead Is Making People Wish They Were Dead

If you’re an Xbox 360 owner and you’ve been thinking of heading on down to your local game store to pick up The Walking Dead, you might want to think twice. For one, you can actually download the game off of the Xbox Marketplace for free. It also appears that the retail ( i.e. disc) version of the game is completely unplayable.

According to many different Telltale forum members the game is experiencing issues with stuttering and freezing, which makes quick-time events impossible to play. For those players who happen to get past these issues, many of them are finding that they can’t even start Episode 2, as the game will restart in Episode 1. While there is supposedly an Xbox Live update to fix this, it doesn’t seem to have worked as other players are saying they’re still getting the problem.

At this time Telltale has acknowledged that there is a problem and that they’re working on it. However, while they claim that the issue is only affecting the 4GB Slim models of the 360 many other people are saying that it’s affecting other models as well. Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon. Otherwise, if you really want to play The Walking Dead then maybe you should just return/sell the game in at GameStop and download it for free, as long as you have the internet speed/hard drive space to do it.


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