Posted by Marianne Miller on Dec 12, 2012

Zombies, Run! for iOS Gets Sequel!

Zombies, Run! was one of the first iOS games to combine something we love (zombies) with something we hate (running) in an effort to make exercise more fun and possibly to help those who are hell-bent on preparing themselves for the “inevitable” zombie apocalypse.  The game, released early this year, contained 30+ story and supply missions, and allowed runners to collect supplies to build up the population of the town that they had haphazardly found themselves a member of after the first mission.  Runners could listen to their own music intertwined between radio messages from townspeople, and could even turn on a function that would allow zombies to “chase” you, forcing the player to run faster and zigzag through streets whenever possible to outrun the digital hoards.

Today, Six to Start released a teaser on their Zombies, Run! Twitter account as well as the Zombies, Run! official blog that they would be releasing a sequel in 2013, linking a teaser trailer along with a cryptic “More info coming tomorrow!” announcement.  The teaser states that there will be over 60 new dynamic missions, new base gameplay, and a new airdrop mode.

If you’re interested in seeing what all the hubub is about, Zombies, Run! is available on Andriod and iOS for $7.99, or Apple owners can also check out the Zombies, Run! 5k training app for $3.99.  And don’t worry, Android users interested in the 5k app… The Zombies, Run! twitter is hinting heavily that more information regarding Android availability will be released soon!

Watch the trailer below, and get running!

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