Posted by Eric Barr on Jan 11, 2013

8k.. It’s not over 9000 but it might as well be

Now that we’ve all started to transition our DVD collections to Blu-ray and have our 1080p televisions hung just right, it’s naturally time to come out with something that completely blows that out of the water. CES doesn’t disappoint as one of the new trends this year that should have gamers excited is the “4K” and “8K” displays making their way to living rooms later this year. These beasts pack 4 thousand and 8 thousand pixels, respectively, on screens up to 84″.

What does this mean for gamers? It means that clarity of games taking advantage of these displays are going to go through the roof. With 2 to 4 times the amount of pixels on the screen photo-realism in gaming becomes more and more of an achievable goal. Games such as Gran Turismo 5 (which Sony showed off in a scaled up version sporting a resolution of 3,840×2160) look so amazing that anything short of viewing it in person is a disservice.

In the world of gaming there are already Ultra HD 27 inch monitors out on the market that have an increased pixel count, like the Nixeus NX-VUE27 we wrote about earlier in the year. It seems as though there will be a push to bring this kind of display to the mainstream over the next few years. For now with price-tags at around $25k these displays are likely out of reach of most gamers.

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